The largest religious organization is the recognized spiritual
Spiritualists' s National Union (SNU), based in the UK.

The teachings of spiritualism can be divided according to the SNU in three main aspects:


Spiritualism embodies a science, philosophy and religion. This is based on the Seven Principles

see link: Seven Principles).

The SNU was established on October 18th 1901. The background was that they wanted to connect all spiritualists,

spiritualist churches and centers, and groups and associations into a single organization.
A contributing factor is Mrs. Emma Hardinge Britten, who felt responsible for the organization and consolidation of all spirituals.

Without their repeated efforts, this organization would probably not come about.
Mrs. Britten made at that time the concept for today's philosophy of SNU and their base-the Seven Principles.

The aims and objectives of the SNU are:

Spiritualism to present itself as a religion.

Churches and spiritual centers to support their work and their recognition as religious communities.

Creating a qualified training program.

Exhibitions of certificates and permits, which are acquired after training.

Publications of literature.