Gesamt Programm und Angebote des Spirituellen Centrums im ‹berblick


Complete program and offers the spiritual center at a Glance


Regular events:


Public Demo Evenings:

Each month will be held 1-2 Spiritual Services (demo evenings). On these evenings, the contact with the spirit world is made through a medium and passed on the messages of the deceased to the public.

 Spiritual Seminars:

If you want to know more about spirituality and mediumship and interested to discover your own creative potential, then you have the opportunity to participate here every month to our interesting seminars / workshops.

Training and Development Circle:

Here you have the opportunity to continue your regular workouts mediumship training in various areas and put them into practice in order to

Spiritual Healing:

The Spiritual Center offer after every public demonstration or divine service  spiritual healing.

Appointments can be arranged outside these hours if required. Periodically, seminars / workshops on the topic of spiritual healing take place, where you have the opportunity to put theory into practice on.




Individual sessions:

Individual sessions can always be used.

You have the possibility to choose between two types of session:

A) The direct contact with the spirit world.

B) The Spiritual advice here (it is about your potential and medial) your any further development in this way.


Help and advice:

We would be pleased if you contact us and we are always happy for you, if you have the desire

--      Exchanging oneself with like-minded once


--      Possible questions to discuss that with us, for example arising out of your work in training circles


--      Even interesting topics on spirituality / have mediality


--      Or simply want to talk again about your personal experiences.



I wish you a pleasant stay in

Spiritual Center in Berlin.



Doris Draeger