Seven years ago I started following a very significant event in my life
I very consciously engaged with the topic of life after death and spirituality.
For me it was important at this stage whether it is really possible
to communicate with the spirit world.
I was lucky to get a very good medium of a single session.
This conversation had impressed me on many levels very
for me since I got the proof that it is possible, with people
The spirit in the world are communicating.
Actually, my life would then expand into other avenues
but I am more and more interested in spirituality
and communication with the spirit world.
I attended seminars where they had the opportunity to
getting to know his own potential and implications of this later, and began also
to put into practice.

Of great significance for me has always had the most visits

Arthur Findlay College London / Stansted.
At this legendary college you can learn everything about spirituality / Mediumship,
by British media raised a very good education.


I wish you much joy and success.


Doris Draeger


Spirituelles Centrum Berlin

Leydenallee 91

12165 Berlin

Tele: 030 766 77 094