Spiritual Center



Since May 2009, there is a Spiritual Center in Berlin.

The work and structure of the center based
to the long-standing work and experience of spiritual centers in England.

Throughout the whole year you have the opportunity to
interesting topics related to spirituality / learn about mediumship
and also practice on your own

A major component will be regular
his public demo evenings or spiritual worship
(see link in Spiritual churches / centers)
which produce skilled and aspiring media contact with the spirit world
and the messages to the public will get them.

Anyone who is interested to know more about his own mediumship learn
has for example Opportunity to participate in regular circle meetings.

The Center also provides space for communicative exchanges,
e.g. Assistance and support during the mourning process,
Assistance in their spiritual development
or as a place of stillness,
where you can fill up again new energies.

Information on current events, please see the link  
Events and seminars.

Come by and check times.
You are always welcome.