Spiritual Religious Centers


In 1853, David Richmond in the Yorkshire town of Keighley, England founded
The first Spiritual Church.
The needs and interest of the people seemed to be great,
as early as 1870, there were both in England and in America,
many churches and spiritual organizations.


Spiritual Churches / centers are facilities
is presented in which the philosophy of Spiritualism
and the communication between the two worlds in the context of a
Worship is practiced. Here are the messages
that are received by the deceased through a medium,
disclosed to the public. The implication of these services, it is
to prove that there is life after death.


In general, these services are held weekly.
An equally important part at the end of worship is the spiritual healing,
that can be sent for by trained healers good.
Most churches / centers have so-called Healing Books.
These are books in which one can enter the names of individuals
to let them come in this way to healing.


Most churches / centers also offer
several seminars on spirituality / Mediumship, it
and regular circle meetings,
where one can develop its own medial potential.