What is a medium?


A person is designated as a medium that communicates with dead people from the spirit world.
This person is called a bridge between the spiritual and the material world.

A medium, which works responsibly knows that he or she can not control
communicate with the persons from the spirit world we are like, this alone is up to the spirit world.

Media are people like you and me.
One is not born directly as a medium but some experiences in his life,
much more aware and sensitive that they react to certain situations than other people.

This may mean that you, the person who died from the spirit world
around exercises in which one instance, they hears, feels or sees.
This can be done in childhood.



We all have the ability to connect with the spirit world in touch,
because we are spirit in a material body.
The question is whether we are aware that we carry this delicacy in us.
If so, how do we deal with it and how we can integrate this capability into our lives?
When we use psychic abilities, we are voting ourselves to other spiritual energies.

The goal of their own mediumship, it can be seen
to learn and to differentiate between the images of our thoughts and feelings
which originate from ourselves and exercise of which we from the spirit world.
Through further training and learn a medium
Sensitive listening to very fine vibration and vibrations of the spiritual world.
There are several ways how we can perceive the spiritual world
e.g. through clairvoyance, clairaudience Clairsentience.