What is spiritualism?

Spirituality (Latin spiritus spirit, breath) means in the broadest sense, a form of spirituality,
is in all reality is spirit, or manifestation of the spirit.

Spirituality is for connecting to the transcendent and the infinite.

Spiritualism in England is a recognized religion. It relies on the fact
that the human spirit survives physical death.

The religious philosophy contains neither dogma nor creed
and will be discussed more than preached.
Our time recorded a trend towards more and more common
Thought and action and spiritualism as a religion, in line with this development.

At some point in our lives, we ask ourselves the question:
"What happens to me when I die and there is life after death?"

Spiritualism as a religion shall claim for themselves,
answer these questions clearly and unambiguously.

He asserts that the human spirit survives physical death and enters the spiritual world.
Spiritualists have it his mission to prove this assertion made,
in which they communicate with the dead.

The communication between the material world and the spirit world
is made possible by a person called a "medium".

Teachings and philosophy were durchgeben earlier from time to time of highly developed spiritual beings.
Their subjects were the meaning of life and man's fate, given the fact
that man survives earthly death and leads an active life in another spiritual dimension.

The realization that the man beyond the grave still leads an active life
changed the concept of life so fundamental
that it has led to an entirely new religious views.
This new understanding of religion sets itself apart from all previous traditional religions
and is hence known as Spiritualism.


What is known as Modern Spiritualism began in 1848 when some spectacular events in Hydesville, New York, USA (also known as the Hydesville Rapping `s or the history of the Fox sisters) for rapid development and spread of Spiritualism in America and provided finally, later in Europe, including Britain.